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About Luxmi Tea

 Fine tea is a product of conducive nature and diligent nurture.

Our estates span 50,000 acres of exceptional terroir in India and Africa. Travel around the world, you will not find a more aromatic Darjeeling than Makaibari, a brighter cup than Gisovu or strength to rival Dirai. At Luxmi, it is believed that the best fertilizer is the farmer’s shadow. She embodies the 25,000 workers who survey the field, assess the plant and pluck the most succulent, tender leaf that bursts flavour and strength. What you taste is her obsessive quest for quality.


In 1912, when the tea industry was predominantly British, PC Chatterjee founded Luxmi Tea as an Indian movement for self-reliance. At the time, tea making was characteristically British – sola toupees, burra sahebs and sundowners. Luxmi was born out of PC Chatterjee’s quest to make Indian tea a tool in the Satyagraha movement and to break the British monopoly. With a tract of land in Tripura to his name, he began to cultivate tea independently, without management agencies or advisors from London. Little did he know the extraordinary legacy that he would create and set into motion with Luxmi.


Every Luxmi worker is a skilled artisan, with generations of experience honing her intuition to pluck the right two leaves and a bud . To encourage this capacity, we support all her health and aspirations. While her mission is to locate the finest polyphenol rich succulent leaf, ours is really just to see that her health and aspirations are met, such as good schooling for her children, basic housing, and healthcare for her family. For a hundred years Luxmi has covered 100% of all these essentials for each worker that tends to the plants.


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