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About Us

At Lezada, we put a strong emphasis on simplicity, quality and usefulness of fashion products over other factors. Our fashion items never get outdated. They are not short-lived as normal fashion clothes.

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We at Luxmi, Love Tea. For over a century, teas from the gardens of Luxmi have poured into millions of cups around the world. ​

We are on a mission to serve this wonderful elixir to as many people as we can. We are delighted to partner with you in this endeavor!​

The Luxmi Difference ​

We Grow Tea, We Know Tea: Luxmi Estates teas come from estates with over 30000 workers with a legacy of a 100 years of tea making. ​

Farm Direct: The only Straight from Source Teas from 23 estates in India and Africa, Since 1912. ​

Widest Range: Be it Classic Black, Green or white Tea or Special Orthodox Roasted Himalayan tea or herbal blends with superfoods, botanicals choose from a wide range of teas available. ​

Customizable : We provide the highest quality teas curated by tea masters, customized and curated just for your tea needs. ​

Choicest ingredients:  Our in-house blenders can offer you immense choice of ingredients, All-Organic, All- Locally Sourced and all with terroir stories. ​

Sustainable Packaging: our bulk packs are packed keeping in mind minimal carbon footprint.​

Super Fast Turnaround: Weather you know the teas you’d like or wish to explore a fresh conversation we can help you close the gap from start to delivery, with quick turnarounds to help you achieve your tea goals.​

Saw something you liked? Fill details below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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