Luxmi Estates’ Green Tea Collection: A Symphony of Flavours

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PRIME DAY Sale is Live! Get 20% OFF on your orders. Use Code - PRIMEDAY20

PRIME DAY Sale is Live! Get 20% OFF on your orders. Use Code - PRIMEDAY20

PRIME DAY Sale is Live! Get 20% OFF on your orders. Use Code - PRIMEDAY20


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Luxmi Estates’ Green Tea Collection: A Symphony of Flavours

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Luxmi Estates’ Green Tea Collection: A Symphony of Flavours

Welcome to Luxmi Estates, where we invite you to embark on a journey through our exquisite Green Tea Collection. Each cup is a harmonious blend of flavors, carefully crafted to tantalize your taste buds and invigorate your senses. From the verdant hills of Darjeeling to the lush landscapes of Assam, our green teas are a celebration of nature's bounty and the art of tea-making. Join us as we explore the diverse and delightful offerings in our Green Tea Collection.

Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea - Stress Relief in Every Sip

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of our Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea, a refreshing blend that awakens the senses with its citrusy aroma and warm notes of ginger. Sourced from the fertile rolling hills of Darjeeling, this bright green tea is complemented by the zesty tang of lemongrass and the subtle spice of ginger. Each sip is a delightful journey, transporting you to sun-kissed meadows and lush tropical gardens. With its invigorating properties, this tea is the perfect pick-me-up for any time of day.

Indian Passion Green Tea - Mango & Passionfruit Infusion for Relaxation

 Experience the exotic allure of our Indian Passion Green Tea, a harmonious fusion of ripe mango and luscious passionfruit with the smooth undertones of Darjeeling Green Tea. Sourced from India's pride, our green tea boasts a delicate vegetal undertone that perfectly complements the vibrant sweetness of mango and passionfruit. With every sip, you'll be transported to sun-drenched orchards and tropical paradises, indulging in the luscious flavors of nature's bounty.

Organic Minty Mile Green Tea - Chamomile & Spearmint Blend for Digestive Health

Unwind with our Organic Minty Mile Green Tea, a soothing blend of chamomile and spearmint that rejuvenates the senses and calms the mind. Crafted from the finest green tea leaves and infused with the fragrant aroma of fresh mint, this delightful blend is perfect for moments of relaxation and reflection. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, this tea is a refreshing oasis in a busy world, offering a moment of tranquility with every sip.

 Midnight Bloom Green Tea - Jasmine & Darjeeling Green Tea for Detoxification

Elevate your tea experience with our Midnight Bloom Green Tea, a fragrant blend of delicate jasmine buds and Darjeeling Green Tea. Handpicked under the moonlit sky, our jasmine buds infuse the tea with their sweet and subtle apple blossom aromas, creating a luxurious and aromatic cup. With its balanced flavor profile and floral notes, this tea is a delightful indulgence for the senses, transporting you to a garden in full bloom with every sip.

Tokyo Blend Green Tea - Darjeeling Green Tea Infused with Japanese Sensibilities for Calming Effects  

Savor the delicate flavors of our Tokyo Blend Green Tea, a unique fusion of Darjeeling Green Tea and Japanese craftsmanship. Developed in collaboration with tea experts from Japan, this tea boasts a delicate and fresh taste, with hints of rice and corn that add complexity to its flavor profile. Whether enjoyed in the morning or afternoon, this tea is a testament to the artistry of tea-making and the rich heritage of both Darjeeling and Japan.

At Luxmi Estates, we take pride in curating a Green Tea Collection that celebrates the diversity of natural flavors and aromas. From the vibrant citrus notes of Lemongrass Ginger to the fragrant jasmine blossoms of Midnight Bloom, each tea in our collection offers a unique and delightful experience for the discerning tea enthusiast. Explore our Green Tea Collection today and discover the symphony of flavors that awaits you.


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