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The best teas for good energy flow through the day

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The best teas for good energy flow through the day

How much energy do we get in a day?  

Fun Fact: Every day, our heart produces enough energy to power a truck for 20 miles. Our heart generates the most extensive electromagnetic field in our body. Your heart pumps 2,000 gally. That's a lot of power! 

Interesting right? But don’t worry we don’t have to do that much. Our energy is already allocated to so many tasks even before the day begins that we seldom face the challenge of keeping the flow of energy throughout the day. 

The trick here is to balance the energy. Now is that even a thing like balancing our energy? 

Energy balance is achieved when input (i.e. dietary energy intake) equals output (i.e. total energy expenditure). 

Just like a good conversation with your best friend keeps you motivated throughout the day, a good chai break is everyone’s favourite. Tea is not just functionally beneficial for boosting our energy but is also a great filler, break partner, and best plan to change the mood, it is cheaper and more convenient than soft drinks or other energy drinks yet so good. Small things like tea being a boiled drink set it apart from other drinks with additional benefits. Cheaper, convenient but best option, what a winner! 


In the heart of the Eastern Himalayas, nestled between the lush, rolling hills, you'll find the Darjeeling and Assam tea estates. Renowned for their world-class, robust, and aromatic teas, these estates are home to some of the best black teas, green teas, white teas & oolong teas. If you're seeking a refreshing beverage that will fuel your energy throughout the day, these teas are a perfect choice. 

A Tale of Two Estates: Darjeeling Black Tea and Assam Tea 

Aptly named "A Tale of Two Estates", this invigorating blend comes from two of the oldest tea factories in the world. It features the perfect combination of the best black tea leaves from Moran & Makaibari tea estates in Assam & Darjeeling. Infused with a brawny aroma, this organic black tea offers a wake-up power unlike any other. Its secret ingredient? The amino acid called theanine, supports focus and alertness. 

Garo Hills: An Unforgettable Journey to the Eastern Himalayas 

Transport yourself to the lush landscapes of the Eastern Himalayas with our classic variety of Assam Black Tea, known as Garo Hills. This tea grows amidst wild grass, fruit trees, and the forest, all of which help to replenish the precious topsoil from which it sprouts. This bold cup of tea, combined with the refreshing essence of bergamot, brings in the benefits of wake-up power and antioxidants – making it a perfect stress relief tea. 

Hibis-Kiss Black: A Symphony of Flavors 

If you're yearning for a tea that's both flavorful and energizing, look no further than Hibis-Kiss Black. This blend marries the crispness of African black tea from Rwanda with the sweet and tangy notes of Hibiscus and Strawberry. This tea for digestion is a natural antioxidant powerhouse that supports the immune system. It's the perfect cup to sip on a bright summer day, whether hot or cold. 

When it comes to teas for relaxation, the Luxmi Estates' range has something for everyone. So, why not start your day with our stress relief tea, quench your afternoon thirst with our tea for digestion, and relax in the evening with our tea for relaxation? With Luxmi, you're not just enjoying a cup of tea; you're embracing a lifestyle of wellness. Discover your perfect blend today! 








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