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Summer Sale is Live! 10% OFF on Cart Value 599 Code - Summer10 | 15% OFF on Cart Value 999 Code - Summer15 | 20% OFF on Cart Value 1999 Code – Summer20


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What You Should Know About Superfood Teas

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What You Should Know About Superfood Teas

Superfood teas are the trend taking over sipping habits in recent years. Not only do they add interesting flavor profiles to simple favorites, but they can also be a functional boost to your health and wellness. 

So what is a superfood? How do they work in a tea blend? In our guide below we will break down the superfood tea trend and some great options to try. 

A Guide To Superfood Teas

The term superfood has become a buzzword in the foodie community over the past few years. While is has recently been co-opted by the wellness community, superfoods are not just for yogis and athletes. These powerful foods contain concentrated benefits ranging from boosting energy to helping you get the most restful sleep. 

When combined with already healthy foods like tea, they can create a holistic drinking routine to give your life a boost and possibly even remedy some chronic ailments in the process. 

What Is A Superfood

No single food can do it all. A superfood is not a particular food group, but rather any naturally nutrient-dense food that has an exceptional health benefit. Tea in and of itself could be considered a superfood in and of the fact that they are packed with polyphenols which have been known to be great antioxidants and immunity boosters. 

There is no strict definition to qualify as a superfood. They are generally plant-based, but not always, and contain beneficial compounds that, when isolated and concentrated, can have a targeted effect on your body. 

What Happens When You Combine Tea and Superfoods

Combining tea, a natural superfood, with another nutrient-dense food with exceptional health benefits can create a powerhouse of a functional beverage. Combining food groups with exceptional nutritional density can bolster your health in the long run. 

What Are The Most Popular Superfood Teas

Many teas make a great base for a superfood blend. Some teas come preblended with the superfood integrated into its whole form or a powder version; however, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own by adding fresh superfood ingredients to your brewed tea. 


Turmeric root, or the “golden root,” is a powerful internal anti-inflammatory that supports the body's immune response to fight off potential infections. It is deemed a global superfood due to its plant compound “curcumin,” which is anti-viral and anti-bacterial and can take down all the viral invaders during a sore throat bout. Try Luxmi’s Turmeric Time Out for a tasty dose of this golden healing root. 


Blueberries can often be found at the top of any superfood list. They are one of the main sources of anthocyanin, which is a plant food phytochemical that can boost cardiovascular health and reduce the incidence of free radicals that have been known to cause cancer. 

Acai Berry

Acai berries were once the secret to a long and healthy life for tribal life in the South American Amazon and are now the primary component in every smoothie bowl in a trendy cafe in America. The grape-like fruit is tart on its own but in powder form and can be added to brewed tea to easily give it an antioxidant and immunity-boosting punch. Studies have shown that acai berries have an increased amount of oleic acid that has an antioxidant effect against free radicals.


Ok, we know, mushrooms in tea, but hear us out. Native people in many cultures have been drinking mushroom teas for centuries to stay mentally sharp, aid digestion, and promote longevity far before “superfood” was even a trending word. Mushrooms are a known adaptogen, meaning they have the unique ability to target imbalance in your body, whether it be from chronic illness or an under-functioning organ group. Mixing a lion's mane or reishi mushroom powder into your tea can bolster the health effects of your brew. 


Ashwagandha is a wintergreen shrub in the nightshade family typically grown in India, the Middle East, and parts of Africa. It is a well-known superfood in ancient natural medicine practices. This super root is highly valued for its potent ability to reduce stress and anxiety, stabilize moods, and reduce overall inflammation. 

Green Tea 

Green Tea is often touted as one of the most holistically healthy beverages on the planet. If longevity of tea drinks in Asia and India doesn’t speak to its wonders, we don’t know what does. The green tea plant is packed with polyphenols, a phytonutrient is known to improve brain function, reduce inflammation, and protect your body on a cellular level. It is immune-supportive and also gives a natural energy boost. 


Ginger is a powerful medicinal root with superfood capabilities to help you heal and prevent illness. It has a long history of applications in natural medicine where it is used to treat digestive unrest, boost immune response, and lower blood sugar levels. Gingerol is the compound responsible for the powerful antioxidant response that gives cell protection against free radicals. 


Photo by Emma-Jane Hobden on Unsplash

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