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A Journey Through Flavors: Luxmi Tea's Exquisite Collection

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A Journey Through Flavors: Luxmi Tea's Exquisite Collection

Luxmi Teas: The Craft of Exceptional Brewing

Luxmi Teas, with its roots deep in the prestigious Darjeeling tea estate, has been synonymous with exceptional tea-making since 1912. As a pioneer in the tea industry, Luxmi has always been more than just a tea brand; it's a journey of exquisite taste and quality. Our collection, including herbal teas, green teas, and black teas, offers a unique exploration of flavours and aromas.

Luxmi's Organic Assorted Classic Collection Tea Gift Box:

Our Organic Assorted Classic Collection encapsulates the soul of Luxmi's tea-making tradition. From the aromatic masala chai to the soothing jasmine and vibrant hibiscus-rose infusions, this collection represents our commitment to quality and flavor.

African Rose & Hibiscus Herbal Tea: Discover the intricate blend of tart hibiscus and fragrant rose petals in our African Rose & Hibiscus Herbal Tea. Whether enjoyed hot or iced, this tea is a testament to our dedication to creating memorable and healthful tea experiences.

Green Tea Set | Midnight Bloom & Tokyo Green: Experience the essence of the Makaibari Estate with our Green Tea Set. Makaibari, known for its biodynamic and permaculture practices, brings a legacy of harmony with nature to each cup of our green tea.

Masala Chai: Our Masala Chai is a blend of tradition and taste. With ingredients like black tea, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, and clove, it's a cup of comfort that transcends time.

All Day Wellness Gift Box | The Organic Assorted Variety Herbal Tea Gift Set:

The Organic Assorted Variety Herbal Tea Gift Set is an oasis of wellness. Each tea bag offers a unique blend, such as wild rose for upliftment and turmeric for restoration, providing a caffeine-free option for every part of your day.

Energy and Balance Gift Box | The Organic Assorted Variety Tea Gift Set:

This collection is a harmony of energy and tranquillity. With a mix of vibrant green teas and calming herbal infusions, this set is perfect for those seeking balance in their daily routine.

Luxmi Teas: Crafting Stories with Every Leaf At Luxmi, we believe in the art of tea making. Each leaf, whether destined to become a robust black tea or a delicate green, is nurtured to perfection, ensuring a premium tea experience in every cup.

Join us in celebrating the timeless tradition of tea drinking with Luxmi Teas. Our collections, including Detox tea, Digestive tea, and Calming tea, are more than just beverages; they are an invitation to a world of refined taste and quality.


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