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The Invigorating World of Luxmi's Herbal and Green Teas

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The Invigorating World of Luxmi's Herbal and Green Teas

In the realm of tea, Luxmi Estates stands as a beacon of quality and tradition. With over a century of dedication across 23 estates, Luxmi promises an exceptional cup that transcends mere refreshment. Here, we explore the captivating world of Luxmi's herbal and green teas, each a masterpiece of taste and wellness.

Luxmi Estates: Nurturing Excellence

Luxmi Estates, established in 1912, has been at the forefront of the tea industry, countering the then-dominant British monopoly with an Indian movement for self-reliance. PC Chatterjee, the visionary founder, sought to make Indian tea a symbol of Satyagraha, turning Luxmi into a pioneer of quality tea production.

Our Curation of Herbal Teas:

 Ashwagandha Turmeric: The Elixir of Life

This organic herbal tea is a blend of adaptogenic ashwagandha, turmeric, and ginger. Renowned for balancing chakra energies and rejuvenating nerve cells, this tea is a power pack of immunity, and gut health and is a great stress relief tea. Its earthy taste with a hint of spice offers a soothing experience, perfect for managing daily life better.

Chamomile Pure Tea: Floral Tranquility

One of the best calming tea is Chamomile, known for its health benefits, from aiding diabetes to relieving menstrual pain, makes this tea a natural therapeutic choice. Its delicate floral aroma and subtle sweet taste offer a calming experience, suitable for any time of the day.

Valerian Dream: A Soothing Blend

Combining valerian root and chamomile, this tea is your tranquil escape. Sourced from the rolling hills of Kalimpong, it offers an earthy and gently floral cup, perfect for relaxing after a long day.

Our collection of Green Teas:

Indian Passion: A Burst of Flavor

This organic green tea blend, infused with passionfruit and mango, brings a vibrant twist to your cup. Crafted with Darjeeling's finest green tea, it's a dance of flavors that are both sweet and vibrant

Lemongrass Ginger Green Tea: Citrus Warmth

Experience the aromatic blend of lemongrass and wild ginger in this refreshing green tea. Each sip takes you on a journey through the fertile hills of Darjeeling, offering a delightful citrusy warmth.

Tokyo Green Blend: A Sublime Experience

Developed with the expertise of Gyokuro Sensi Tokishaku Yamashita, this blend is a favorite even in tea-rich Japan. Its unique balance of sweetness and astringency, coupled with notes of fresh corn, makes it a beloved choice. Get ready for a green tea detox.

Midnight Bloom Jasmine Green Tea: Floral Elegance

Known as 'nature’s valium', jasmine aids in stress relief and insomnia. This tea, with its balanced, floral, and earthy notes, is crafted to bring a soothing luxury to your tea experience.

The Luxmi Promise: Sustainability and Empowerment

Each Luxmi tea blend is an ode to the rich terroirs of India and Africa. Luxmi's commitment to organic, natural ingredients, and sustainable practices is evident in every cup. Moreover, Luxmi's dedication to empowering women across its estates, with 50% of the workforce being women, reflects its ethos of nurturing not just tea but communities too.

Conclusion: A Cup of Luxmi, A World of Taste Luxmi Estates’ herbal and green teas are more than just a beverage; they are a celebration of life's natural rhythms, a testament to the art of tea-making, and an invitation to a healthier lifestyle. Each blend from Luxmi is a journey through taste, wellness, and the rich heritage of tea cultivation. Luxmi's teas are not just drinks; they are experiences, each with a story to tell and a world of flavors to explore.


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