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Storage Tips for Premium Loose Leaf Tea

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Storage Tips for Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Who doesn’t like to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed tea? Now, to have a refreshing drinking experience one has to use loose leaf blends and store them properly. Proper storage can preserve the authentic taste and flavor of tea for a long period of time. If not stored in the right manner, the blend will lose its essence and the liquor so obtained will have a bad taste.

There are various strategies of storing teas other than overcrowding the kitchen shelf with separate storage bags. Here are some awesome storage ideas for Darjeeling and Assam loose leaf blends.

  • If you want to add an accent to the storage of loose leaf brews, look for some interesting furniture piece that can act as a storage place. For instance, little drawers in a cabinet can work wonder in storing the blends. If you have diverse kinds of loose leaf blends, then you can make use of the entire space by having colorful tins for tea storage.
  • A tea corner is also a wonderful idea for storing the beverage. Create a beverage corner in some unused space in the house. This is not only a creative way of storing the blends and its accessory items but also a good way of using a space.
  • How about converting an old coop into a comfortable tea bar? This is an amazing idea for tea storage! You can give the drawers of the coop a gorgeous look and make some shelves for storage, decoration and lighting. This coop is an innovate space creation for storing the beverage.
  • In a house, mason jars have multiple uses. Storing spices and teas is one of these uses. You can perfectly store different kinds of blends in mason jars and mark them with labels. This kind of jar display can be anywhere in a space.
  • Don’t have enough space for jars? It is not a problem at all! This is another unique way of tea storage. Think something out of the box. One can create a magnetic wall mounting compartments or a simple wall rack and use various metal tins for storing the beverage. The labels on the tin displays the different blends. This rack will not take up any space or floor. Using spice jars will help to efficiently display the tea collection.
  • Besides these, you can also use common organizers over the door for storing this beverage. This is a very simple way of organizing tea and doesn’t take up any space at all.
Hope you will find some innovative storage idea for loose leaf tea blends.
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