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PRIME DAY Sale is Live! Get 20% OFF on your orders. Use Code - PRIMEDAY20

PRIME DAY Sale is Live! Get 20% OFF on your orders. Use Code - PRIMEDAY20

PRIME DAY Sale is Live! Get 20% OFF on your orders. Use Code - PRIMEDAY20


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Tea Gifting Culture - Sharing Values and Enjoyment

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Tea Gifting Culture - Sharing Values and Enjoyment

Tea has been a great companion to people for centuries. Whether it is some discussion or telling stories or having a get-together with friends, a pot of tea enhances all such experiences. Fresh aromatic blends, beautifully designed handmade cups, and teapots, everything gives great enjoyment of life. That is why this popular beverage is regarded as a perfect gift for all occasions. Tea is indeed a powerful gift that invites you to taste and get connected with friends. 

Why tea gifting is a wonderful idea?

  • Gifting tea is gifting good health 

Gifting tea is giving a person a long life or good health. After discovering tea, the Chinese consumed it to bring wellness and good health. Recent studies have also recognized tea as a “healthy beverage”. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in this beverage have health benefits. One should taste various flavors of fine quality blends every day! 

  • Igniting the explorer within you 

Tea helps us to discover different cultures across the globe. For instance, a cup of Masala Chai, a black tea mixed with different spices, is an epitome of Indian colonial history. Every blend has some untold story giving an invitation to rediscover the explorer within you. 

  • Offering a thoughtful gift 

During meditation, Buddhist monks have discovered the secret power of this beverage. Tea soothes and relaxes the mind in the most astounding way. The presence of L-Theanine, an amino acid, in tea minds stay awake and focused. Having tea regularly gives an extra push to concentration. Matcha tea has high concentration of this compound. So, gifting tea is like gifting mental focus!

  • Bringing family and friends together

Tea has always been a reason for gathering as its invitation spirit is quite high. Whenever friends and family meet together for a talk, there will certainly be a pot tea to cherish the moment. Again, a bowl of avocado, cake and cheese together with a cup of brew, serve as a wonderful evening snack. So, it can be said that gifting tea is a lovely custom as it gives a reason for gathering. 

Tea is a “jewel” to humanity. Passion, punctuality, tranquility, purity, respect, patience and harmony with oneself, nature and other people are the values of this beverage. Value of tea passes from one generation to another, one country to the other, from one culture to another culture and over time. This popular beverage, tea, gives us the chance to nurture these values and create a better world for our future generations.
Written by Luxmi Tea
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