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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is an exquisite blend of Chinese teas having citrus twist in the flavor. The name of this tea is derived from Earl Charles Grey, the British Prime Minister. Charles Grey used extracts of bergamot, a fruit for balancing excess lime water found in local water. The brew turned out to be wonderful and soon, it became available in the market for sale. Initially, this tea was made with Chinese black blends, but now, green and oolong variants are also used for making this tea.

Asides its exciting origin, Earl Grey tea also has amazing health benefits. Have a look…

  • Dental Health

Earl Grey contains two antioxidants – catechin and fluoride. Catechins are extremely powerful and help in fighting infections and oral cavities. Fluoride helps in preventing dental decay. Therefore, consuming Earl Grey everyday prevents bacteria and oral infections thereby ensuring oral health.

  • Weight Loss

Like green tea, Earl Grey also helps in loosing weight. You can now replace a cup of tasteless green tea with a citrus refreshing tea of Earl Grey and still enjoy the same benefits. Citrus fruits help in losing some extra pound from the body. Similarly, citrus extracts in this blend help in reducing fat and converting it to energy. By burning calories, it further increases body’s metabolism. So, no more of drinking hot water with lemon. Drink a cup of Earl Grey but certainly use honey instead of sugar for sweetening effect.

  • Healthy Heart

Studies have shown that drinking Earl Grey black tea regularly for at least a month lowers LDL level, that is, bad cholesterol by 39% while increasing good cholesterol by 41%. Moreover, it also decreases blood sugar by 22% and this decrease in the level of blood sugar is a great help for diabetic patients. By lowering bad cholesterol level, Earl Grey reduces the risk of heart problems.

  • Calming Effect

Bergamot present in Earl Grey brew has a calming effect. It is true that a cup of hot brew of any type can soothe stressed nerves, but Earl Grey performs this task the best. Together with bergamot, there is caffeine in this blend and the presence of this caffeine provides concentration and clarity. Thus, to get relief from stress, having Earl Grey brew is a good idea. The safe proportion of caffeine in this blend gives a kick to your energy level and you can have a fresh start.

So, drinking Earl Grey will not only give a distinct pleasure but also contribute to wellness of your health.

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