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Does Darjeeling Green Tea Help You to Quit Smoking?

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Does Darjeeling Green Tea Help You to Quit Smoking?

Cigarette smoking is highly injurious to health and this is not unknown to anyone. It causes a multitude of health problems and deteriorates the general health of the smoker. Smoking is also the cause of many fatal diseases and affects the body in various ways. Quitting smoking habit can lower the risk of various diseases related to it. People can have a healthy lifestyle without smoking but, they find it difficult to quit smoke.

For people who are making endeavor to better their health, there is something that will ease the process and provide great support. Guess what is it! It’s Green Tea! Are your surprised? Yes! Green blends can help in quitting smoking and if it is from Darjeeling then nothing like it. Have a look right to know how Darjeeling green blends can help to leave smoking…

  • May Ease Congestion and Cough

When a person leaves smoking, his body starts clearing out mucus and other debris. In this stage, congestion and cough are common. Darjeeling green tea here can help in clearing this congestion and also gives relief from cough. So, getting rid of the mucus becomes much easier.

  • May Manage Body and Head Ache

When there is an absence of nicotine in the body, tingling, body ache and headache are common. As everyone knows, Darjeeling green blends are having a high concentration of polyphenols and hence, offer an anti-inflammatory effect. Consuming a cup of green brew also gives relief from these symptoms and improve blood circulation.

  • May Decrease Constipation and Nausea

Nicotine affects the colon and bowel. When a person quits smoke and his body experiences the absence of nicotine, then he might face constipation. Darjeeling green tea comes here as a rescue giving relief from constipation and nausea. A cup of hot green brew seems to have a mild laxative effect and there is no risk in consuming it daily.  

  • Increase Concentration and Decrease Jitteriness

Do you know that green tea has a calming and alerting effect at the same time? When nicotine leaves the body, an individual finds it difficult to concentrate. A warm cup of green brew can help an individual focus on his work and its calming effect helps to get rid of restlessness.

  • Makes Stress-free

People, who have the habit of smoking, usually indulge more when they are under stress. So, when they try to give up smoke, they start consuming Darjeeling tea as it offers a calming effect. When a person gets into the habit of drinking a warm cup of brew in a stress situation, the chances of getting back to smoking reduces.  

  • May Manage Mood

In this journey of transformation, an individual’s body and mind adjust to leaving something that has been dependent on for a long time. As a result, there is anger, frustration and irritation. Darjeeling green tea helps to improve mood in this regard as it is loaded with I-theanine and EGCG. Researches have also proved that consuming green blends lower the level of stress hormone.   

Thus, it is evident that Darjeeling green tea can help in quitting smoke.
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